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Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia is changing lives!

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Founded in 2006, Youth Entrepreneurs® Georgia (YEGeorgia) teaches students how to become entrepreneurs or to think like one. It all started as a DREAM. The concept was simple - help students learn the value of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and equip them with the skills to ADD VALUEto their COMMUNITIES and society as a whole.

In our full-year course, students learn the fundamentals of how to start a business. As their capstone project students write and present a workable business plan. Throughout the year students receive ongoing support by our certified entrepreneurship teachers and one-on-one interactions from prominent business leaders.

YEGeorgia INSPIRES the next wave of critical thinkers and innovators. ENCOURAGE students to pursue their dreams and progress as productive members of society. Improve communities by cultivating an ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET.

YEGeorgia is the exclusive program licensee in Georgia with The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an internationally recognized leader in entrepreneurship education of youth.

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