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"Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I never knew I was capable of. The support, guidance, and care that YEGeorgia has shown me as a participant and alumni have given me the confidence and business savvy to succeed in the classroom as well as make smart financial and business decisions. YEGeorgia has invested more than just knowledge to my future. Without YEGeorgia’s contribution of $2350 in educational scholarships towards my college education thus far, I would not be able to afford all of my college expenses. YEGeorgia has also contributed numerous networking connections to me through Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, and the various speakers who visit YEGeorgia classes. I have found self worth through my accomplishments within the program and have no doubt in my mind that I will be a successful businessperson because of YEGeorgia."   Brandy E., Spelman College Class of 2014


Education is power! That’s the resounding message from the metro Atlanta community. Recognizing education as the great equalizer that provides the power of choice and the power to change one’s destiny; Atlanta and DeKalb County school districts, parents, businesses, civic and philanthropic communities have aligned to help change the mindset and educational outcomes of its most precious commodity – our children.

Recent data showed that 93% of YEGeorgia parents report noticing positive changes in their child’s knowledge, behavior and attitude. Students alike, rate the program as outstanding, evidenced by a 90% program completion rate. Moreover, 90% of students meet or exceed business course requirements. Increasingly, students aspire to complete high school and pursue post-secondary education. This is especially important as many metro Atlanta schools work to improve high school graduation rates.

The economic impact of non-high school completion is staggering. According to a recent study by Georgia Southern University, the metro Atlanta region could benefit from an additional $4.2 billion in additional income projections currently being foregone due to high-high school completion. The cost to Georgia is approximated at $18 billion.

YEGeorgia is committed to ongoing program evaluation to ensure program outcomes. A study that followed-up on 38 graduates of YEGeorgia's first class in 2006 reflects that 97% of them obtained a high school diploma, 80% went on to attend college, a trade school, or the military, and 80% of those attending college graduated or are still pursuing their degree.


Another tool used to measure our impact is the "Entrepreneurship Preparedness Quotient" (EPQ), which reflects the participant's perception of their knowledge to start a business and the confidence in his/her ability to start a business. Over the last five years the "EPQ" increased an average of 22% for classroom program participants. From 2006-2012 business knowledge aptitude increased an average of 18% for in-class program participants. Over the last five years, on average, twice as many in-class participants say they have "enough knowledge to start a business" after taking the course.


It's evident that YEGeorgia is making good on its promise to provide students with practical business knowledge & experience, encourage them to develop an economic way of thinking and lastly pursue higher education and be productive citizens.


Education is Power!




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